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Digital Transformation from the Inside Out

Digital Transformation from the Inside Out

Author: Marcus Dervin
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1925648591
Year: 2018-03-19
On this digital age, it's crucial to leverage the latest technologies to give your organisation the edge. With Digital Transformation your organisation can: • Become more competitive, through innovation and collaboration • Get work done faster and better than ever before • Attract and retain top talent who want to work dynamically • Become the disruptor rather than the disrupted But how can you achieve this where so many have failed? In Digital Transformation from the Inside Out, Marcus Dervin shares a unique approach and framework to help your organisation avoid becoming obsolete and realise its true potential.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Author: Jo Caudron, Dado Van Peteghem
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1543923267
Year: 2014-01-08
Since early 2013, we have been helping companies understand how digital has a potentially disruptive impact on their future. We advise CEO’s from news media, radio and TV, banks, HR, automotive, retailers and many other industries on digital transformation. As international economists, consulting companies and opinion makers are increasingly talking about the importance of digital disruption, we are starting to feel the acceleration in interest in our own market as well. We have debated for a while whether we should publicly share our vision, knowledge and approach, after all, it is our core business as consultants. So why give our expertise away in this book? Well, because keeping knowledge and insights away from a broader audience is an example of how people did business in the past. Sharing information and being open, transparent and collaborative are drivers of transformation that are shaping the business of the future. A future we believe in. THE BOOK IS A STORY OF HOPE AND OPPORTUNITY Of course digital is disruptive. But this book is not just a listing of everything that is being disrupted by the impact of digital. We really believe that most industries still have the time to transform themselves for the future. Digital is creating massive opportunities to develop new products, services and businesses. Understanding how digital is transforming our world and businesses might be intimidating at first, but once you start thinking about how things can be done differently you might just become more optimistic than ever before. IT CONTAINS A METHODOLOGY Digital Transformation Modeling has different dimensions. You start from a strategic framework for businesses to identify and de ne the right opportunities while thinking about digital transformation. Starting from 7 metaphors and over 40 drivers of transformation, our model allows businesses to create different scenario plans to better understand the future. Next we focus on the organisational model that introduces new ideas on how your company can organise itself to reflect the willingness to transform into the new structures, roles and ownerships that you will need to translate that future vision into a reality. All of this should prepare you for an on-going operational reality of digital transformation. THIS IS NOT JUST A MARKETING BOOK For the past few years digital has been pretty disruptive for traditional marketing. The arrival of new types of digital media has forced marketers to think about interactive ways of communication and dialogue with customers. There have been many studies, books and conferences about this evolution. This is not another book in that series. Digital transformation is not just about transforming your marketing approach, it’s about turning your business around to deal with the challenges and new opportunities that digital is bringing to the market. We’re entering a new phase where all internal stakeholders are involved. Digital transformation is a journey for the entire company. It’s no longer about just marketing transformation, it’s about business transformation. This book is a reworked edition for 2016. It contains several new chapters, based on our experiences in the many Digital Transformation workshops we’ve given since the first edition of our book. We want to thank our clients for giving us the opportunity to apply our methodology and our readers from over 35 countries for their feedback.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Author: Keyur Patel, Mary Pat McCarthy
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Pages: 134
Year: 2000-01-01
The future of business is inextricably bound up with the Internet. Written by strategists at KPMG Consulting/Mertrius, this text provides executives with a road map for leading their companies through the transistion from business to e-business. By using interviews with those dealing with the e-business development, this book reveals the principles behind the digital transformation already underway, and why some companies succeed while others fail.
Leading Digital

Leading Digital

Author: George Westerman, Didier Bonnet
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN: 1625272480
Pages: 256
Year: 2014-09-23
Become a Digital Master—No Matter What Business You’re In If you think the phrase “going digital” is only relevant for industries like tech, media, and entertainment—think again. In fact, mobile, analytics, social media, sensors, and cloud computing have already fundamentally changed the entire business landscape as we know it—including your industry. The problem is that most accounts of digital in business focus on Silicon Valley stars and tech start-ups. But what about the other 90-plus percent of the economy? In Leading Digital, authors George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, and Andrew McAfee highlight how large companies in traditional industries—from finance to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals—are using digital to gain strategic advantage. They illuminate the principles and practices that lead to successful digital transformation. Based on a study of more than four hundred global firms, including Asian Paints, Burberry, Caesars Entertainment, Codelco, Lloyds Banking Group, Nike, and Pernod Ricard, the book shows what it takes to become a Digital Master. It explains successful transformation in a clear, two-part framework: where to invest in digital capabilities, and how to lead the transformation. Within these parts, you’ll learn: • How to engage better with your customers • How to digitally enhance operations • How to create a digital vision • How to govern your digital activities The book also includes an extensive step-by-step transformation playbook for leaders to follow. Leading Digital is the must-have guide to help your organization survive and thrive in the new, digitally powered, global economy.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Author: Lindsay Herbert
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472940385
Pages: 264
Year: 2017-10-19
One book for the entire journey: How to digitally transform your organization Innovation in the face of major external change is critical for any organization's success, but attempting to do so often leads to more questions than actions: Where do you start? How do you get the right resources? How should work be implemented? What data should you measure? For the first time, these questions are answered in a single book that covers the end-to-end execution of digital transformation – from leadership-level strategy, to on-the-ground team implementation. With the biggest revelation of all, Herbert argues, being that true digital transformation only needs to happen once because, at its core, it means becoming more adaptive to change itself. Featuring the 'how to' of digital transformation devised from successes across every sector, Herbert distils it into five actionable stages. These stages act as a repeatable framework for continual innovation, allowing you to produce results immediately and grow change incrementally across your organization. In Digital Transformation, Herbert draws on her own experiences in leading change and innovation programmes globally, as well as featuring insights from experts and leaders from organizations as diverse as the World Wildlife Fund, Morgan Stanley, Royal Caribbean Cruises, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the Rijksmuseum, the American Cancer Society, The Guardian, Harvard University, and many others.
CIOs and the Digital Transformation

CIOs and the Digital Transformation

Author: Giorgio Bongiorno, Daniele Rizzo, Giovanni Vaia
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319310267
Pages: 230
Year: 2017-08-29
This book describes how chief information officers (CIOs) can embrace and drive the digital transformation by providing innovative leadership that uses old skills in a novel way. The book explores ways in which new actors and factors will play a key role in this process and how new relations can be created among things, data, and people. In addition, the design of digital organizations and the implementation of digital technologies are carefully examined and it is explained how digital workspaces can be designed, organized, and used. A set of methods is provided for linking new digital tools in order to meet the goals and challenges of building a digital enterprise. The digital economy is disrupting the way of interaction within value chains, creating fresh spaces for competition and novel ecosystems. With the advent of social media networking, mobility, big data and cloud computing, 4.0 manufacturing, etc., we are witnessing the birth of new digital organizations. However, sharing of leadership of this change among different actors can create disorder and inefficiency. Against this background, the future role of the CIO will be crucial.
Transform: A rebel’s guide for digital transformation

Transform: A rebel’s guide for digital transformation

Author: Gerry McGovern
ISBN: 1782807381
Pages: 210
Year: 2016-07-01
Transform: A rebel's guide for digital transformation. Are you an optimist? Are you a rebel? Do you think that because of digital technology, power is shifting away from organizations towards citizens and customers? Are you a digital change agent? Do you want to transform your organization? Then this book is here to help you. Do you want to transform the complex into the simple? Do you like challenges and see yourself primarily as a problem solver? Are you the annoying person who constantly asks: "Why?" Are you empathetic? Do you like to listen, watch, observe? Are you also rational? Are you willing to go with the evidence and data even when it goes against your gut instinct? This is Gerry McGovern's sixth book on web culture and economy. He is the founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, a company that has developed a set of methods to understand customer top tasks.
Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation

Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation

Author: Neil Perkin, Peter Abraham
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749480408
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-04-03
Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation is a guide for organizational development professionals and change managers needing to better understand, implement and lead digital transformation in the workplace. It sets aside traditional thinking and outdated strategies to explain what steps need to be taken for an organization to become truly agile. It addresses how to build organizational velocity and establish iterative working, remove unnecessary process, embed innovation, map strategy to motivation and develop talent to succeed. Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation provides guidance on how to set the pace and frequency for change and shows how to break old habits and reform the behaviours of a workforce to embed digital transformation, achieve organizational agility and ensure high performance. Full of practical advice, examples and real-life insights from organizational development professionals at the leading edge of digital transformation, this book is an essential guide to building an agile business.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Author: Jacobs Edo
Publisher: Jacobs Edoite EDO
ISBN: 0997762470
Pages: 348
Year: 2016-08-25
Digital Transformation will open the eyes of the public especially professionals young and old to the rampant problems in the country and will encourage readers to join in moving into the future of a better and stronger Nigerian that will curb under-development, poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and disease.
Digital Transformation at Scale

Digital Transformation at Scale

Author: GREENWAY, Ben Terrett
Publisher: London School of Economics and Political Science
ISBN: 1907994785
Pages: 232
Year: 2018-04-30
"This book is for people worrying about their sinking ship. Based on experience, it is a guide for navigating the blockers, buzzwords and bloody-mindedness that doom any analogue organisation trapped into thinking that while the internet has changed the world, it won't change their world. Companies that grew up on the web have changed our expectations of the services we rely on. We demand simplicity, speed and low cost. Organizations founded before the Internet aren't keeping up - despite spending millions on IT, marketing and 'innovation'. This book is a guide to building a digital institution. It explains how a growing band of reformers in businesses and governments around the world have helped their organizations pivot to this new way of working, and what lessons others can learn from their experience. It is based on the authors' experience designing and helping to deliver the UK's Government Digital Service (GDS). The GDS was a new institution made responsible for the digital transformation of government, designing public services for the Internet era. It snipped £4 billion off the government's technology bill, opened up public sector contracts to thousands of new suppliers, and delivered online services so good that citizens chose to use them over the offline alternatives, without a big marketing campaign. Other countries and companies noticed, with the GDS model now being copied around the world."
Mastering Digital Transformation

Mastering Digital Transformation

Author: Nagy K. Hanna
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
ISBN: 1785604643
Pages: 432
Year: 2016-01-06
Nagy Hanna presents a systematic approach to integrate ICT into development policies and programs across sectors of economy and society. This book bridges the current disconnect between the ICT specialists and their development counterparts in various sectors so as to harness the ongoing ICT revolution to maximize development impact.
Digital Transformation. The Realignment of Information Technology and Business Strategies for Retailers in South Africa

Digital Transformation. The Realignment of Information Technology and Business Strategies for Retailers in South Africa

Author: Albert Mubako
Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing
ISBN: 3960671148
Pages: 186
Year: 2017-08
Remaining competitive in the retail industry of South Africa in the digital age is a major business concern. In the age of „digital natives”, people are well-connected on various digital technology platforms and are digital consumers. Digital technologies offer retail organizations new innovative ways to create value by utilizing digital business strategies, processes, and products. This qualitative research study explores the perception of retail strategy experts and decision-makers toward realignment of IT and business strategies considering digital transformation in South Africa. Based on interviews with seven managers and decision-makers in the retail industry, the study reveals that digital technologies have disrupted traditional ways of doing business. The study proposes eight major recommendations, in which retail traders could innovate their business strategy to enhance value creation beyond traditional approaches to retailing. It provides a good starting point for academic research in a domain that is deficient in theoretical and empirical research on the South Africa retail sector, and offers retailing managers a conceptual model to guide them toward a digital business strategy for transient competitive advantages.
Digital Transformations in Turkey

Digital Transformations in Turkey

Author: Banu Akdenizli
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739191195
Pages: 346
Year: 2015-03-06
This edited collection analyzes the genesis, dynamics, and operations of different communication contexts in relation to digital transformations in Turkey. Akdenizli offers a multi-faceted and balanced discussion of the role and impact of communication technologies in a country with questionable and notorious freedom of expression violations.
Driving Digital

Driving Digital

Author: Isaac SACOLICK
Publisher: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
ISBN: 081443861X
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-08-24
Every organization has a plan for updating products, technologies, and business processes. But that’s not enough anymore. With disruptive startups outperforming industry stalwarts, executives everywhere are pushing greater growth and innovation. Staying competitive demands a complete digital transformation. For professionals charged with leading technology-driven change, the pressure is intense—and the path forward unclear. Author Isaac Sacolick has successfully spearheaded multiple transformations and helped shape digital-business best practices. Now in Driving Digital, he shares the lessons he’s learned, detailing how to: Formulate a digital strategy Transform business and IT practices Align Development and Operations Promote agile practices Drive culture change Bolster digital talent Manage a portfolio of initiatives Capture and track ROI Strengthen data-driven decision making and expand data science practices Cultivate strategic technology capabilities Develop innovative digital products Enable product management Pilot emerging technologies Become smarter faster. Every company is on the cusp of digital disruption. But with so many pieces to the puzzle, efforts often get derailed. Driving Digital is the action plan you need to take your company and career into the future.
The Digital Transformation Book

The Digital Transformation Book

Author: Martin Sharp, Edward Johns
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1537785036
Pages: 124
Year: 2016-10-03
Is your IT project lacking? Do you struggle with finding the ways to improve your business? With Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperative, you'll gain access to insight from leaders in the field on how to successfully implement modifications to any IT project. Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives is THE best resource for successful change in complex IT projects. Along with the book, available for you to have on hand, Imperators provides you with expert advice and partnership to make transformation a reality. Imperators employs experienced specialists available to partner with your team. We are focused on guiding our clients and working with each individually to achieve the goals you set. We strive to exceed all expectations and provide the best support in the business. With the expert knowledge of our staff and the content included in our book, transformation of your IT project is made easy! Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives includes topics such as: The Change Imperative For IT Pressing Business & IT Challenges Delivering Success The Significant 7 Imperatives for All IT Projects The book is written to guide you through the process of transforming IT projects and expanding and improving the business. Identifying the challenges you face and the ways to overcome, our book builds on the knowledge you have to help you turn around performance. There is no better book, guide, or collection of information available! Don't waste another minute dealing with the stress of a failing project and the feeling of helplessness that accompanies it. Take control of your success and learn how to overcome the obstacles in your way. With a partnership with Imperators and by owning your very own Digital Transformation: The Significant 7 Imperatives, you are taking the future of your project and your business in your hands and creating success!"